FocusEvent Properties and Methods . The OP doesn't care about all the elements on a page that are focusable, which is what the question linked to at the top seems to answer. Focusable Can only be called on a valid focusable element. Browser Support The numbers in the table specify the first browser version that fully supports the method. You could still get keys with a … Use the document.activeElement property.. Of course, used as an HTML attribute both tabIndex and tabindex work (and on XHTML, tabindex must be used) – Oriol Mar 23 '13 at 22:01 Internally it uses requestAnimationFrame to ensure any new DOM updates are rendered before it tries to find the DOM node to focus on. Ensure the element you are trying to call .focus() on is a focusable element. Just blur() would probably work better. However, you can create an invisible element for the purpose. Note that this property will only contain elements that accept keystrokes (such as form elements). The OP simply wants to find out whether a given dom element can receive focus. The document.activeElement property is supported on Chrome 2+, Firefox 3+, IE4+, Opera 9.6+ and Safari 4+.. Very different questions both. Events that occur when elements gets or loses focus, belongs to the FocusEvent Object. to make the focus method fire slightly later, after the DOM element has been loaded I'm assuming.

I think that setting the focus to an element off-screen will force a scroll to that element.

The focus function in the elm-lang/dom package is used to set focus with a Task (without using any ports or JavaScript). I only want to emphasize that the DOM property is element.tabIndex but not element.tabindex; the second one works on Firefox but not on Chrome (at least when I tried it some time ago). The hasFocus() method returns a Boolean value indicating whether the document (or any element inside the document) has focus. HTML DOM FocusEvent DOM Events Event Objects.

If there is currently a different DOM element with focus, Cypress issues a blur event to that element before running the .focus() command. The FocusEvent Object. The problem is, immediately above that line, I'm already checking to see if the element is null/undefined, so the object already should exist if it hits that line, it just won't allow itself to gain focus … That being said, some browsers may have a hard time to remove the caret. Property/Method Description; relatedTarget: Returns the element related to the element that triggered the event: Inherited Properties and Methods.

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